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There are common misconceptions that a Logo is a brand. In truth, Your brand is the perceived expectation and value of the product or service you offer. Our client, Phillips Precision Medicraft’s brand, was developed from the ground up. At the time, they invited us to design a logo and website. Our team began this process by meeting with key members of the company and discussing their perception of themselves, understanding their position in the market place, and evaluating competitors. Our primary goal was to understand and clearly identify brand personality. What do you want people to feel about your company? What key factors do you want people to walk away thinking? Colors, fonts, and design textures and elements help define this aspect of branding. We then discuss and begin to identify and develop the tone of voice of the company and their mission. Branding is both complex and fun.

iCircle media is privileged to manage all aspects of Phillips Precision Medicraft’s advertising, and marketing needs for more the 12 years. This year, we proudly created a 50th Anniversary campaign that culminated in a wonderful celebration with nearly 300 of their staff members. Here’s the commemorative anniversary video>>>

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